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ecotax in ibiza

Ecotasa, new in tax in the Balearics island since 1/07/2016

 Your vacation and Tax for Sustainable Tourism Steuer für nachhaltigen Tourismus From July 1st 2016 on, the Tax for Sustainable Tourism is levied on all overnight stays in tourist accommodations on the Balearic Islands. Thanks to your contribution, we will be able to make major investments to compensate the territorial and environmental impact of tourism on…

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Flower power party in Ibiza

Ibiza is preparing the summer with flower power party

The flower power party’s in Ibiza, a classic on the island! Is the first party’s in Ibiza, anounce it, that the summer is soon. From the 11/03 the day of San Jose is prepare the best and traditional partie´s of the island. All the locals we enjoy dressing costums from the ´60 and ´70. The…

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The advantge of booking a Luxury Villa in Ibiza during low season.

BE LOCAL IN YOUR LUXURY VILLA Summer stands around the corner and we are eager to discuss our holidays… Good accommodation = successful vacation. Despite dozens of options the latest trend in travelling shows a remarkable climb of the private luxury villa. In this article we’ll present you a luxury villa of our own and…

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Beach Clubs in Ibiza

Who are the best beach clubs in Ibiza? Ibiza is well known for the amazing beach´s and the night live, but what happened if  we add the day at the this fantastic mix, we get the Beach Clubs in Ibiza. These way of have fun  is relative new. All the main Tourist place´s has one…

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