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The advantge of booking a Luxury Villa in Ibiza during low season.

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Summer stands around the corner and we are eager to discuss our holidays…
Good accommodation = successful vacation. Despite dozens of options the latest trend in travelling shows a remarkable climb of the private luxury villa.

In this article we’ll present you a luxury villa of our own and the advantages of booking a luxury villa for your own vacation.

For those looking for a peaceful retreat in Ibiza, cottages or a luxury villa are the best options to consider. Being larger than a hotel room and fitting in the same budget, a luxury villa is more cost-effective than a resort.


  • Budget luxury villa: €1200 – €2000 / week April
  • 8 / 10 people
  • Walking distance Playa d’em Bossa and the twon.

The best deals for a luxury villa are logically made in the low season. (April, May and September and October).
Important airline companies such as British Airways, Easy Jet, Ryanair and Transavia, complement these luxury villa prices with some irresistible low-season fares to Ibiza:
example: London-Ibiza

Why booking a luxury villa in the low-season is golden?

Low season months have good balmy temperatures and spectacular lush landscapes.
Ibiza flourishes precisely this time of the year. Book your luxury villa and explore the island.
Following are some interesting events happening in the months of April:

  • SPRING PARTY ATZARO: your Eastern Holidays this year from 9 – 15th of April. Live music by various artists.
  • CAN BERRI: your favourite spot every two Sundays. Provide live music, fine tapas and excellent homemade wine.
  • Have a drink and a dance on Sundays. Amongst many other events SLUIZ hosts the yearly Festival de Vinos by the end of April.


In the process of choosing your luxury villa, this article will show you the most common forms of architecture and design in Ibiza.


The Ibicencan character in the decoration of the traditional luxury villa lies in the thick white walls, the wood integrated into the structure of the house, small windows and stone as a natural isolator.


Minimalism is a great way to enhance the space and let simplicity be the red line through the decoration of this type of luxury villa. Often used is a range of neutral colors and straight lines. This type of luxury villa often includes a modern kitchen


A luxury villa with modern art style have a variety of materials such as metals, smooth surfaces and geometric shapes which are the decorative axis of the Art House. This type of luxury villa include elements of bright colors in contrast with natural elements.


Light colors and large windows is what we find in the Mediterranean luxury villa. Wood and stone are the key materials that resemble nature. This complements beautifully with decorative elements of the Mediterranean sea such as North African pottery, rustic terracotta floors, etc.

Now… There’s more than just the low-season booking advantages.

  • Facilities – A luxury villa offers at least as much as a 5-star resort – Cable TV, free Wi-Fi, DVD players, iPod docks and fully equipped kitchens, BBQ’s and more.
  • Location – A luxury villa is often located in beautiful locations, such as beachfront or sea views.
  • Comfort & Luxury – These days, the luxury villa market is very competitive. To stay relevantluxury villas must invest in the all-over quality to provide a high level of
  • Serenity – At a private luxury villa the best times are the early evenings by the pool. Get yourself another gin and tonic and enjoy the sunset.
  • Security – A luxury villa offers a high level of security. Whilst a luxury villa will have in-room safes, leaving your personal belongings around is no problem.
  • Live like a local – Capture the essence of your destination in your luxury villa. From food shopping in the local market to meeting the neighbors, a luxury villa gives you a travel experience that is unique from any hotel.
  • Pet friendly – Private rental of a luxury villa can be the perfect solution for pet lovers. With plenty of pet friendly rentals to choose from, you may rest assured your pet is safe and sound.
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